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Aloha Connection
Aloha Connection
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Aloha Blessings
My name is Deborah,
I just began taking Hula lessons. Our teacher includes the history of the hula along with the dance. While looking for instructions on the making of a traditional Pa'u I found your site. I created my first Pa'u thanks to your instructions. I hope to continue to learn not only the dance but the Hawaiian culture and traditions that come along with the dance. Once again thank you for your site.
Deborah Langford

Real Hula Teaching Videos

I'd first like to say that your "Basic Hula" video is the best instructional dance video I've ever seen. The discussions on weight placement and body mechanics made all the difference!

Kauai Huaka'i

Good afternoon, Kumu Kea
I recently learned to dance "These Islands" (by Danny Couch) by watching your VHS tape and it has brought much satisfaction and happiness to me. Thank you for passing on the wonderful Hawaiian dance and culture.
Biya in Washington, DC
Real Hula Teaching Videos

I am stunned! The tapes are gorgeous!!!!! They are so incredibly thorough in presentation and, Rusty, so beautifully produced. I am so blessed to have come across your website and to have made your acquaintence. I will treasure and do my best to honor each hula step and hula. My hips are already sore! I am simply ecstatic and cannot thank you both enough.I will look forwards to the April visit and be practicing until then. I wish you and family the best for the New Year. Safe travels.
Gracefully yours,
Nancy Kupka - Professor of Dance
Department of Theatre Arts and Dance
California State University Los Angeles

Dance of Aloha

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Mahalo to all that make this possible! Thank you for your blessings, promise to keep the aloha spirit alive. Am anxious to start classes, thank you for setting the foundation in the traditional way. Will continue to visit your site for upcoming releases...
Aloha Kumu!!! You probably will not remember me but I attended a couple of private lessons when my husband and I vacationed in Kailua two years ago. I was dancing with a halau in Virginia Beach, Va. for about a year and a half before visiting you. Since that time we have moved to New Orleans to assist with the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina (we own a construction company).
I am desperately missing my halau, my kumu, Hawaiian musicians to kanakapila with, Hawaiian food and culture. It seems I am the lone ranger around here. Your videos and have been my only lifeline to continuing my hobby. I am very excited to know you will be coming to Dallas/Ft. Worth. Would you have time for a private lesson or two with me in Dallas? Would you consider adding more videos of your hula classes or danceshops for advanced dancers to follow? I am looking forward to attending in Dallas more than you could possibly know!
Best Regards,
Tricia Fiscus

Real Hula Teaching Videos

Aloha Kumukea,
I received a video instruction tape recently from my good friend Marje Pedersen. I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the instruction and want to compliment you on the clarity and the comfort you give with each verse. It's also wonderful to share this interest with my good friend. The spirit of aloha connects us in many ways and I believe that it is not a coincidence that we are drawn together by that spirit. I look forward to meeting you some day. Mahalo, Debbie

Aloha Kumu Kea....I received the tape and began my study this morning. It is cold and rainy in Georgia but the beginning execise of moving my hips in a circle eight tell me how tight my hips are. So I will work on this first. I really like the use of the mirror to see the front and back of the dancer. I also appreciate how slowly you speak and teach.
Mahalo for my beginnings in hula. I look forward to June.
Hula Sisters

Please, by all means, use my words. I study Egyptian dance, but when I wanted to learn Hula, there were no teachers in my area. I bought several other Hula instructional videos before I found Real Hula, so speaking from experience not only as a dancer, but as a consumer, they are by far the superior instruction. I forgot to mention this before, but the "bad examples" of what not to do (ie. bobbing up and down on the Hela) were also very helpful. I can't wait to begin Green Rose Hula. Sincerely - Brooke

Aloha Love

Just found out about your website today. I am anxious to receive the video and start learning again. Mahalo nui for making something like this available to us Mainlanders. Gladys Sevener

Real Hula Teaching Videos

My name is Chizuko Yokomizo. I am Japanese. I bought BASIC HULA, KAWIKA, GREEN ROSE. I had been taking lessons Hula 'auana from Japanese Hula studio. But my class closed in July. My town has no Hula halau. I want to keep doing the Hula. I want to learn more about real hula. I am lucky. Because I learned on website Real The ai ha'ha style is very difficult. This is quite challenging your RealHula for me.
I decided that I lesson your teaching video tape. I don't belong to the Japanese Hula studio because I can't do different hula style at a time. I practice the Real Hula. I'll do my best.
My daughter began to do Hula by video tape.I don't travel overseas, but I'm coming to see you one of these days. I'll come to your Hula Intensive and please my review lesson. I found it hard to express myself in English. Please take care of yourself. Thank you.
Hugs of Aloha

Aloha from Michigan!
I just received my basic hula video and it's just what I was looking for. I grew up in Kaneohe (my parents still live there) and when I was little, I took hula and I loved it. Unfortunately I was not able to continue dancing but have always wanted to learn more.
Here in Michgan I have looked for a halau to join but there are none close enough so I searched on the internet for the next best thing, a video. Most I found were exercise tapes and I was very disappointed. Then I found your website. Thank you for your product. I know I will enjoy it.
Mahalo, Beverly

Real Hula Teaching Videos

Just received my first RealHula Video and am so excited! I had been looking for something like this for a long time and could only find the "touristy" type hula videos. Mahalo nui loa from a mainland kama'aina who is enjoying it immensely.



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