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Kumu Kea Nose flute
We are blessed to have Kumu Kea with her open heart and the knowing that we have entered a time of 'no secrets'. Learning to dance hula will teach you how to love from the inside.
Now that's living ALOHA ...Naulana

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Kumu Hula Teachings

Self-Healing and Restoring Harmony through Hula

These things I believe:

That the hula is a grounding, life and earth connecting practice that refines the mind, spirit and the body.

That all of the truths we need to learn about a pono life can be found within the hula, the oli and the mo'olelo of Hawai'i.

That when we dance hula as a sacrament or a meditation, it puts us in touch with our bodies - a thing that is sorely lacking in our current culture where the body is generally regarded as something to be ashamed of or dissatisfied with.

That hula has the power to put us in touch with the physical world of earth, sea, sky, wind - all of the elements. Elements with which we are out of touch in our modern life style of air conditioned buildings and vehicles.

That hula encourages us to reconnect with the feminine energy that resides in every balanced human. We have lived in the male energy for so many centuries. The mother goddess as creator and nurturer needs to re-emerge if we are to restore Earths' natural rhythms and harmony at a primal level. Hula is a power for the proper balance of these male/female energies.

I believe that the art and practice of hula is Hawai'i's great gift to the world. That to share the hula - with proper respect - with people throughout the world is a force for global peace and spiritual awareness.

I believe that racism has no place in this sacred practice. I am saddened by those who would wish to restrict this honored sacred experience to one ethnic group. Earth-Gaia will not tolerate any more toxic judgment, whether it be thoughts, words, or intent. It's time to come together as ONE in the dance of life.

I believe that whoever you are, whatever ethnic origin you carry in your veins, where ever you may live, that hula can be a part of your life. I believe the hula is the opposite of exclusive - it is totally inclusive.

I am saddened by those who proclaim the aloha spirit in their words, but their actions carry a very different and opposing energy.

I am filled with gratitude to my teachers who looked beyond my ethnic origin and allowed me to study the hula at the deepest levels. The hula continues to be a major source of pleasure, wisdom and inspiration for me. The quality of the life I live is a direct result of my dedication to the art of hula. I was taught that we are not required to "pay back" but we are required to "pay forward". To that end I dedicate my life's' work to the perpetuation of those traditions taught to me in the hula - to be shared with all true seekers whoever and where ever they may be.
~And so it is~
Kumu Kea

Hawaiian Sacred SpaceHawaiian Sacred SpaceHawaiian Sacred SpaceHawaiian Sacred Space

At RealHula, Kumu Kea is Pattye Kealohalani Wright. She is Kumu Hula of Na Puakea O Ko'olaupoko, a hula halau (school of hula) in Kailua on the Island of O'ahu. She founded Na Puakea O Ko'olaupoko in 1973. She is also a Kupuna at Makalapa Elementary School. Kupuna are the Hawaiian Culture and History teachers for our Primary Schools. She is a past President of her District's Kupuna Council... HULA LINEAGE ... Kumu Kea is a traditional Kumu Hula. Her kahiko (traditional style dance) teacher was Aunty Lani Kalama, also of Kailua. Aunty Lani's teacher was the reknowned Lokalia Montgomery known as the "teacher of teachers". Her 'Uniki as Kumu Hula was held in 1990 in Lanikai, O'ahu. Her 'auana (modern style dance) teacher was Bella Richards of Kailua, O'ahu. Aunty Bella came from the Hilo tradition of 'ai ha'a style dancing, which Pattye perpetuates.