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Real hula lessons and classes on DVD. Authentic kahiko and auana teachings. Learn to dance hula.

Beginning Hula
Basic Hula
Lili‘u E
Green Rose Hula
RealHula Lessons for Children

Intermediate Hula
Pō La‘ila‘i
These Islands
Holoholo Ka`a
‘Ula Nōweo (sitting)
Ko Ma'i Ho'eu'eu
Hanalei Moon

Advanced Hula
Aia La`O Pele
Lanakila Ke Kā‘ahi Ali‘i
Eia Hawai‘i
Pua Līlīlehua

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Ancient :: Kahiko
Ula Noweo (sitting) - DVD2008

This is a "must have" hula kahiko number. It is a hula classic equally suitable for children, teens, or adults - male or female. Because it is a relatively simple number it is suitable for less experienced students. The dancer chants and accompanies the mele with her own ipu. It describes some of the beautiful sites to be seen on the island of Kaua'i. This is the seated (noho) rendition of the chant. For those that do not have an ipu but might like to learn it, an empty 1-gallon (large) plastic bleach bottle without cap will substitute quite well!

Teacher: Kumu Kea (Pattye Kealohalani Wright)
Dancer: Meleana
Instrument: Ipu heke 'ole (dancer's ipu)
Style: Ancient (kahiko)
LEVEL: Intermediate
Artist: Kumu Kea
Format: DVD
Running Time: 50 minutes
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