So what to the stones say?

The stones say in quiet voices...

I am heavier than most of you humans would choose to move.

I am harder than most of you humans would choose to work.

I last much longer than most of you humans would consider worthwhile.

These words suggest...

Someone with a higher technology and longer time horizon picked me for construction.

Someone with a better lifting technology that we have chose to move me.

Someone with an advanced cutting technology chose to cut and fit me so carefully.


Someone who knew sophisticated engineering math and techniques designed my buildings.

Someone who knew and cared about magnetic and celestial alignments set my orientation.

Someone who understood the nature and extent of earthquakes planed for my longevity.

Someone who valued the beauty of my engineering perfection created me.

The stones ask not whether humans could have done this work, but whether humans would have done it.  Our human long range planning extends sometimes to our children's children, but rarely beyond.  Look at the worldwide inability to fix the problems of global warming, pollution, and the ozone holes if you disagree.  If we had a thousand year time view, such issues should have long ago been addressed.  But we do not.    

Was someone here before us who had such a long-term view?  Were they Earth humans like us or some other race?  Who do you think that the stone goddess at the top of this page might be?  She does not look fully human, yet she looks very real.  She has short legs, a large head, and a powerful build.  She is adorned with a necklace.  A male figure is behind her.  His body type is similar to hers.  Another example from Easter Island is pictured below.

Are they a couple?  Are they Lemurian?  Did she and her people do the work that poses our mysteries.   Did they have the technologies that the Pacific Islanders never had?  And who carved her from solid stone?  They did an extraordinary job.

Does any of this feel familiar? 

Are you starting to wonder? 

Are you beginning to remember?


Stones Speak

An unusual Easter Island moai and our French Polynesian statue from the top of the page.  Notice the head, the belly, the short legs, the squat position.  Are these two of the same race?  What race would that be?

Below are Easter Island cut stones, Hawai‘i cut stones, and Peru cut stones.  Were they done by the same people?  Were they done with the same technology?  How can that be, when these sites are thousands of miles apart?

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