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Our On-Line HĂLAU is a Reality!!!
Halau Ke Aloha

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It is open to all interested students worldwide. This hālau registration asks a modest monthly subscription that opens the door to many aspects of hula. In it, we include FastTracks, Full Workshops, Hula Crafts, Japanese videos, and Free Videos. All of these video pages will be enlarged and expanded as time goes on.


Kumu Kea
written by Kumu Kea

RealHula is a website sponsored by
Nā Puakea O Ko'olaupoko, a hālau (school of Hula) in Kailua on the Island of O'ahu in Hawai'i. We are located about 30 minutes from Waikiki and Honolulu. We offer a series of Hula Teaching Videos based on authentic chants and songs taught in our halau. In this way, you can bring our Hula Classes into your own home.

"You asked and we Delivered"
BOOKLETS - Free Dowmload for ALL DVD's

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Extensive background information, detailed translations, historical and place references, choreography, costuming and footwork notes are included in all booklets.

If you come to Hawai'i, we have weekly classes in Hula and Tahitian. We also offer Private Lessons to suit your special needs. For those who might like to study more intensively, please check our Hula Intensive in the LESSONS section on this website. In answer to many requests, we now provide RealHula Workshops at various locations around the country and outside the United States. We are constantly creating new programs to meet your needs and inquiries.

Please Contact Us for further information on all that we do
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Hālau Ke Aloha ... NEW SECTION-"Hula Basics"
-a review of the core hula steps

Children's Hula Teaching DVD plus FREE Keiki Hula Music CD
A $45 value...Yours for only ~ $30.00
Children RealHula class lessons
Childern DVD Hula classesDVD Children Hula Class

"I wanted to create something children would want to watch over and over and dance with. Children love to watch and emulate other children, so we use the children as the teachers. I guide the learning. It is my hope that this DVD will add to the repertoire of dances for teachers of children as well as for the young hula dancer who has no teacher available. It is my hope that it will be a source of entertainment and self-learning for the child watching as well. It is, after all, the perfect gift for grandmother to bring home to her little dancer - a real hula learning experience from Hawaii'i."
Aloha Nui Loa....your Kumu

Kumu's Wisdom DEMYSTIFYING HULA Kumu's Wisdom
...An attractive, acurate and simple Article
Wisdom Writings by Kumu Kea ...a MUST read!
The Meaning of OLI :: What is your true intention - the`Uniki Path ::
The birth of Keiki Hula DVD
The Gift of Wisdom
"Our purpose is to share the true essence of the Hawaiian culture as expressed in the hula. In so doing, I share the tradition and style that has been given to me during my many years of training with Kekauilani Kalama as I was being prepared to receive the 'Uniki Rites as Kumu Hula. It is my intention to share the history, culture and poetry embodied in the song or chant presented so as to enlighten and educate devotees of the hula where ever they may reside."
And remember...Kumu Kea is always available to "talk story" in her Korner

Hula Classess on DVDHula Lessons
The Motherland of Mu

DVD Lemuria

Listen to our ALOHA CHANT...Live!!!
Aloha Chant Meaning
- An intensive for authentic Steps and Posture
This video is two hours of intensive instruction and demonstration covering 14 basic steps. We talk it through, we demonstrate it muscle-by-muscle and we rehearse you in each of the steps we introduce. First we teach the underlying basic movements of the body in Hula. From there, we add each succeeding Hula step in order of difficulty and importance. We culminate with a Hula exercise section, using all the steps taught. Our instruction is very specific and very detailed. ~ More INFO...
Hawaiian Blessing

May all that needs Changing

May all that needs Healing
Hawaiian Blessing
"May Our Blessings Be"
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